Enrolment Procedures

St Catherine’s School, Berwick is one of 37 primary schools within the Diocese of Sale and shares in the provision of Catholic Education to the Parish of St Michael’s with St Michael’s School, Berwick and St Brigid’s School, Officer.  In complementing and supporting the evangelizing role of the Catholic Parish of Berwick, our school provides quality Catholic Education to those families who desire it for their children.
Order of enrolment priority:
  • Children baptised as Catholics and siblings of children attending the school
  • Catholic children who are members of St Michael's Parish community and who reside within the enrolment zone for St Catherine's School
  • Catholic children from non-Catholic primary schools whose residential address is in St Michael's Parish and within the enrolment zone for St Catherine's School
  • Catholic children who reside in other parishes and who could have gained enrolment in their parish school
  • Children from families who belong to any Orthodox Church
  • Non Catholic families seeking a Catholic education for their child/children

In making an application to enrol a child, parents are showing that they are prepared to commit themselves to working in cooperation with school personnel for the benefit of their child. An offer of placement is conditional upon acceptance by parents of school policies and guidelines, including the School Fees Policy, which govern school practices.

It is important to note, that no student will be refused enrolment or be disadvantaged because of an inability on the part of parents or carers to meet financial requirements.

See also:   Map of St Catherine's Zone Boundary            

Step 1 - Making an Application for Enrolment:

  • Submit an Application for Enrolment Form and other forms as required, ie; Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate (if applicable), Immunisation History Statement  for each child as well as Driver's License/s
  • For Year 1-6 enrolments, include a copy of the most recent school report.
  • On processing your application, our office will be in contact with you to arrange payment of $50 administration fee.
Step 2 - The School responds:
  • The school will acknowledge receipt of your application and advise of anything else required to assist in processing the application.
Step 3 - A school tour is arranged:
  • All enrolments to St Catherine's School must have an enrolment tour with the Principal or delegate.  An Application for Enrolment form must be completed by the parents or the legal guardians and all other forms as required are to be submitted prior to the Interview.
Step 4 - Accepting a place:
  • If your application is successful, the principal will make you a written offer of enrolment.
  • You complete your acceptance of the offer by completing an Acceptance of placement from.

Existing Families
  • Applications are open Friday 31 January 2022. Enrolment forms can be downloaded from the website or are available from the School Office.
  • Enrolment tour appointments are made on enquiry.
  • Offers of placement made after the tour and all paperwork is completed. (Posted)
  • Acceptances of offer are to be returned  by email to enrolments@stcberwick.catholic.edu.au or alternatively post to PO Box 557, Berwick 3806

New Families
  • Applications open Friday 1 January 2022. Enrolment forms can be downloaded from the website or are available from the School Office, week commencing Monday 31 January 2022. 
  • Please direct all enquiries to enrolments@stcberwick.catholic.edu.au
  • Enrolment tours can be arranged on enquiry.
  • Offers of placement made (Posted) on receipt of all documentation and after the school tour.
  • Acceptance of offer - Please return your acceptance by email to enrolments@stcberwick.catholic.edu.au or alternatively post to PO Box 557, Berwick 3806